Frisco Garden Club

Club History

Although the Frisco Garden Club was federated in 1936, our club’s roots began in 1932. When the economy of our country was mired in a devastating depression, the women of Frisco had the spirit and vision to form a garden club. Their hope was to make Frisco a better, and more beautiful, place to live.

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Current Projects:

As the oldest civic organization in the city of Frisco, the Frisco Garden Club and its members work hard to beautify the city and provide public outreach.  Several projects are highly visible and used by members of our Frisco community.  Club members are required to participate on committees that help support established projects.  New projects are considered and brought to a vote by the membership.


The garden club manages several gardens throughout the city. Each garden project is an opportunity for volunteers to come together, using their unique skills to achieve a common goal.

Bicentennial Park ~ Freedom Meadow ~ Frisco Commons Park ~ Heritage Village/Crozier-Sickles House ~ Main Street Gazebo ~ Vivian Stark McCallum Park


Each month, from September to May, our club’s Vice President of programs provides the club’s membership with an informative program on a variety of issues. This adult education component is an important function of our club. Whether provided by a Certified Master Gardener or a Civic Leader, the topics are of interest to gardeners of North Texas.

Monthly Meetings ~ Arbor Day ~ Buffalo Stomp ~ Plant SMART Demonstration Garden ~ Scholarships

Water Conservation

Water is always an issue in North Texas. Whether it’s too much in a short amount of time or too little in a much longer amount of time; water and its conservation are of interest to the club’s public and personal gardens. The club members share best practices to use drought tolerant native plants, to manage irrigation systems properly, and to harvest rain water.

Plant SMART Demonstration Garden

Community Service

As Lifetime Members of the Heritage Association of Frisco, our members volunteer time and talent to Third Sunday activities. The club also works in partnership with other area organizations to sponsor Memorial/Veterans Day and 9/11 Observances. Arbor Day and the Buffalo Stomp are also events that the Frisco Garden Club holds annually.

Arbor Day ~ Blue Star MemorialBuffalo Stomp ~ Community Garden ~ Freedom Meadow ~ Heritage Crozier-Sickles House ~ Memorial Day Observance ~ 9/11 Memorial ObservanceVeterans Day

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