Gardening Books from around the world.

A list of selected garden writers and their books.

Naoko Abe

Denise Wiles Adams

Judy Barrett

Thomas Peter Bennett

Charles E. Beveridge

Daryl Beyers

Kathryn Bradley-Hole

Roxanne S Brouse

Jane Brown

Ursula Buchan

Leslie L. Buhler

Nicole Johnsey Burke

Peter Burke – Garden Writer

Lauren Camilleri

http://Lauren Camilleri

John Cardina

Mary Randolph Carter

Julie Cerny

Charles Chessire

Shawna Coronado

Sylvia Crowe

David Culp

Elizabeth Hope Cushing PHD

Rick Darke

Carl Dellatore

Bruno Delmar

Page Dickey

Liz Dobbs

Stephanie Donaldson

Charles Dowding

Bonnie Driggers

Kay Fairfax

David Fell

Sir Roderick Floud

Robin Lane Fox

Susan M Fraser

Howard Garrett

Christin Geall

Dan Gill

Judy Glattstein

Jane Gottlieb

Dave Goulson

Greg Grant

Dale Groom

C. Z. Guest

Lorraine Harrison

Toby Hemenway

D. G. Hessayon

Adrian Higgins

Daniel J. Hinkley

John Dixon Hunt

Rick Imes

Howard S. Irwin

Colta Ives

Niki Jabbour

Gertrude Jekyll

Jennifer Jewel

Victoria Johnson

Louisa Jones

Jill Jonnes

Jennifer A. Jordan

Robin Karson

Joel Karsten

James Everett Kibler Jr.

Jack Kramer

Peter Kukielski

Mark Laird

Patricia Lanza

Craig LeHoullier

Ann Lovejoy

Janelle McCulloch

Marta McDowell

Carol McMichael

Kay Maguire

Judith K. Major

Kate Markert

Anna O. Marley

Catie Marron

Peter Martin – American professor

Brian Mathew

Matt Mattus

Charlotte Mendelson

Simon Morley

Charlotte Moss

Carolyn Mullet

Elizabeth Murphy

Toby Musgrave

Charlie Nardozzi

Bill Noble

Tara Nolan

Neil G. Odenwald

http://Neil G. Odenwald

Scott Ogden

Anna Pavord

Linda Parshall

Dan Pearson

Pam Penick

Roger Phillips

Jude Piesse

Mark Reinberger

Barbara Paul Robinson

Peter Robinson – Horticultural Consultant

Peter Q. Rose

John Sales

Stephen Scannielo

Bill Scheick

Susan Schoelwer

Warren Schultz

Katie Scott

Dr. Ruth Scurr

Caroline Seebohm

Sue Shephard

Suzanne Simard

Margaret Simons

Linda Joan Smith

Sue Stuart-Smith

Neil Sperry

Jack Staub

Ruth Stout

Judith Tankard

Mary Toomey

Acadia Tucker

Jenny Uglow

Sara L. Van Beck

Jessica Walliser

Chris Weisinger

William C. Welch

Wayne Winterrowd

Christopher Woods

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