Rainbow Garden Club North Texas

The Rainbow Garden Club North Texas was founded in 1992. Our club began in a chat room on AOL back in 1992 for a group of gardeners who were looking to form a club.

Since that time, we have had over 300 meetings and traveled all over Texas to view public and private gardens. Members come from all over the metroplex area, and everyone is welcome, whether you are a novice or a master gardener.

During Nov. 2021, our club had three community projects. Here is a slide show of each of those projects:

North Oak Cliff Library – thinning iris beds:

Our next project was adding some color to some flower beds at the Hampton Illinois Library courtyard. Volunteers from the Rainbow Garden Club North Texas and the Hampton Illinois Library Friends partnered to plant spring bulbs and perennials in the flower beds. Here is a slide show of that work day.

Our final community project for the month of November was to start Phase 1 of the Rainbow Garden Club North Texas (RGC) garden at the Dallas Heritage Village (formerly known as Old City Park). The RGC partnered with the Dallas Heritage Village to add more color to a grassy space that has some existing daffodils. Here is a slideshow of that work day.

or online at https://rainbowgardenclubcom.wordpress.com/

by email at rgddfw@gmail.com.

Membership dues at $15 per year.

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