Public Gardens in Tulsa – program

This is the program that I presented to the Dallas Council of Garden Clubs on Friday April 8th, 2022. Due to technical difficulties, I was unable to show the photos that were part of the program. I have created a series of slideshows showing a few of the public gardens in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These photos were taken last June.

Photos from Woodward Park.

First a plaque honoring W. H. Helmerich for funding to restore the Arboretum.

Slideshow of photos from the Woodward Greenhouse

Photos from the old Rose Gardens. The roses were removed due to rose rosette.

More Photos from Woodward Park

Photos from the Linnasus Teaching Center

The Philbrook Museum

Philbrook Museum of Art is committed to being Tulsa’s most welcoming and engaging cultural institution, providing a unique trifecta of experiences: a historic home, world class art museum, 25 acres of gardens.

Philbrook Museum of Art opened on October 25, 1939. The addition of a 70,000 square foot wing in 1990 turned the historic home into a modern museum complex. A major garden renovation in 2004 cemented the Museum’s reputation as “the most beautiful place in Oklahoma.”

Through bold action and strategic investment, we create a space for new ideas, diverse stories and perspectives, and social connection. The Philbrook Collection features more than 16,000 objects with a focus on American, Native American, and European art. Serving over 160,000 visitors annually, Philbrook shines a light on Tulsa’s storied and complex past while building a diverse and creative vision of the city’s future.

The Villa

Villa Philbrook was a child of the Twenties. World War I was over. Women could vote. It was a time of flappers, rumble seats, prohibition, bootleggers and five-cent Cokes. More than that, in Tulsa the Twenties smelled of oil and resounded with money. In 1926 Edward Buehler Delk (1885–1956), a Kansas City architect, was hired to design an Italian Renaissance villa on 25 acres by oilman Waite Phillips. Delk skillfully interpreted Renaissance styles in the most fashionable manner of the day and was hired in a burst of commissions with three major projects at once: Villa Philbrook, Villa Philmonte and the Philtower office building. This impressive home was completed in 1927. Friends say that the Phillipses built the villa as a place where their two children could entertain friends. When they moved in, daughter Helen was sixteen, son Elliott was ten.

Photos from the gardens at the Philbrook Museum

Tulsa Garden Center

The Tulsa Garden Center, located in the historic Snedden Mansion within Woodward Park, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a variety of horticultural and environmental education opportunities for the community and to serve as horticultural headquarters for the Tulsa area.

Tulsa Garden Center fulfills this role by offering numerous lectures, classes, training, plant shows, and special events throughout the year, which are predominantly free for its Members. Additionally, over 20 affiliated organizations such as the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, the Tulsa Rose Society, and the Tulsa Garden Club, call Tulsa Garden Center home for their horticultural and environmental activities, supplementing our extensive list of educational opportunities with even more events open the public.

The Snedden Mansion is open to the public Tuesday through Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm, and Saturdays by appointment only. We are closed to the public on Sunday and Monday.

Photos from outside the Tulsa Garden Center – June 2021

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