September meeting has been changed to Sept. 9th at 11:30 at Texas Discovery Gardens

Dear Garden Clubs,
What else can happen ? Even to the best laid plans.
The Discovery Gardens called me around noon today to let me know they had double booked the Great Room at the Discovery Gardens.  There is a wedding scheduled for late Thursday morning, Sept.2nd,and they will be using Friday to set-up for a wedding on Saturday and another wedding on Sunday.

Since this was their error, we rescheduled for next Thursday, Sept. 9th, free of charge.  Please change the meeting date for Dallas Council of Garden Clubs to September 9th.  It will be so good to see everyone in person after a year and half. My apologies to those garden clubs who meet on Thursday, Sept 9.  We will let you know what you missed. Mr. Smith, the calendar keeper, promised all the rest of DCGC meetings would be on the first Thursday of each month, except October when we don’t meet due to the state fair.  

If your club is bringing food, please make sure it is individually wrapped either in zip lock bags or plastic wrap.  

I look forward to seeing you on September 9th, after Labor Day.Until then stay safe and happy,
Carol Coughran

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